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Chiropractic Manipulation (Adjustments)

Manual Trigger Point Therapy

Manual Soft Tissue Therapy


Manipulations of the joints in the spine and/or extremities are performed in order to normalize the function of those joints.  Often such joints become fixed (stuck) when we have pain and don’t move properly as we go about our daily activities.  Dr. Gengenbach provides gentle adjustments of these joints to restore their proper motion and take the stress off neighboring joints, muscles and ligaments.

Chiropractic Manipulation (Adjustments)


Trigger points are painful areas in our muscles that become so tight that they are unable to go away on their own.  These points can ache right where they are located, or they can refer pain to other areas of the body.  Dr. Gengenbach can treat these trigger points with specific pressure to help relieve pain.

Trigger Point Therapy


Pain syndromes can often be made worse by altered function in muscles, tendons and ligaments. Manual Soft Tissue therapy can involve doctor-assisted stretches and contractions, specific ligament massage, tendon treatment as well as learning how to stretch or activate specific muscles on your own.

Manual Soft Tissue Therapy


Sometimes muscles, tendons, ligaments and even nerves require additional treatment in order to bring them back to normal function and keep pain from returning.  Dr. Gengenbach has received training in IASTM, which is an advanced form of myofascial treatment that involves the use of a hand-held instrument to gently treat the connective tissue (fascia) surrounding our soft tissues. This treatment can release fascial restrictions and normalize movement and may also help restore appropriate communication between your brain and the soft tissues of your body.

Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM)


Very often, some home exercise is needed to assist your body in healing and/or to prevent injury or pain from occurring in the future.  Dr. Gengenbach can provide you specific simple exercises for your condition and will also assess your activities to make sure that you are doing them with appropriate form to prevent injury.

Exercise Prescription and Pointers for Success in Everyday Movement

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